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PPA LD1 Audio Samples
LD-One Audio Samples
Do you have a sample made on an LD1? Send it to us  
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Here is a link that was kind of interesting concer
Apres Le Bel (1.9 mb)
Attached find an MP3 file of a project on the works of composer Paul Paray. This vocalist on this project was highlight miked with the LD1. The orchestra was recorded in natural acoustics with a HEAD ACOUSTICS Aachen Head and highlight microphones. I had tried a AKG 414 on the vocal and needed more intimacy and warmth as I was about 2 ft. back from the vocalist to control proximity effect. The LD1 worked wonderfully. Sincerely, Edward J. Wolfrum Ph.D.
LD1 Audio Samples
Mail us your audio file that was made on and LD1 and we will post it here. Attach the file you your email, tell us what type of audio file is is (wave, MP3, etc.), and add an optional description.