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Pacific Pro Audio Oxford 911+ Series Fire Wire Drives
So what’s the big stink about these drives?

PPA did not set out to be a drive company. We sell professional audio, we don't manufacture it….…. Umm, at least we didn't mean to. It started a number of years ago when our forward thinking founders realized that, emerging from the primordial, mass storage, ooze were the first real glimmerings of what might be the digital audio Holy Grail, Firewire. Unable to find a manufacturer that made a reliable and fast, yet inexpensive form of this new technology, they begin a quest of their own. Striking forth with only one mantra upon their lips "FAST, RELIABLE, INEXPENSIVE, QUIET" they doggedly experimented with countless chipsets, enclosures and drives. Never losing sight of this goal, and pausing only long enough to shorten their mantra to F.R.I.Q., they amassed mountains of silicone, plastic and metal, in a tech-botched shrine to mass storage mediocrity.

As the pile grew, so did their knowledge and understanding. One by one the pieces of technology begin to meld together in an almost gestalt (look it up) manor. The zenith of inspiration and dedication came late one night with the proclamation from the back room "We FRIQin Did It!" The rag tag group of audio sales guys had succeeded in perfecting the first really dandy Firewire drives for audio/video applications. Final recipe for the FRIQin amazing drive consisted of...

A fairly common, convection cooled (fan less) enclosure, for very low noise. An uncommonly fast Oxford 911 family chip set, for blazing data transfer rates. Fast hard drives, with a proven track record in the studio. Drive setup specifically tailored for audio/video, and your system.


In the years that have followed that original journey, technological advances have been consistently bread into our drives... new all metal cases with heat sinks, the latest Oxford chip sets, and Firewire 800 inclusion. We may be older but with that comes girth and experience. With thousands of PPA drives out there, we now consider ourselves quite the drive aficionados. If you have never tried a PPA drive, step up and try the best FRIQin audio drive on the market!

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PPA Firewire Drives
Oxford 911+ (400/800)

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500gig 16meg cache    
1TB 32meg cache    
2TB 32meg cache    







PPA USB 2.0 Backup Drive Features

Sleek Design
The small, lightweight, aluminum case runs quietly without a fan, is portable, and easy to use anywhere.

Great for backing-up, storing, and exchanging A/V, graphics, prepress, desktop publishing, and other files. Not recomended for recording directly to Pro Tools, but it will make a great back up copy for your sessions!!

USB cable, external power supply and foot stand


PPA USB 2.0 Backup Drives

1TB 7200rpm 32meg cache    
2TB 7200rpm 32meg cache